In solidarity with black artists, creatives, inspirers, and revolutionaries all around the world, and black colleagues across the creative industry, will observe 'Black Out Tuesday' and not be conducting any business today, Tuesday 2 June 2020.

I was beyond horrified by the racist murder of George Floyd last week, and the images we have all seen every single day since of brutality against peaceful protestors, media, and bystanders highlights concrete proof that there is an ingrained racist, disgusting injustice present. There exists one America for the white man, and another America for the black man.

This type of racism, injustice, inequality and brutality needs to be confronted directly. Justice needs to be done, it needs to be seen to be done, and to be done with permanent effect.

Instead of supporting my page, I am urging my followers, friends and family to donate to the following funds, fundraisers and charities:

The George Floyd Memorial Fund

The Ahmaud Arbery Fund

Split donation to 37 bail funds

Donate to black-owned businesses impacted by protests

In just the past six years this type of racist injustice has caused the murder of so many black lives. Today, we mark Black Out Tuesday in memory of these, and so many more...

Erin Garner, 44, 2014 - no indictment, no charge

Michael Brown, 18, 2014 - no indictment, no charge

Laquan McDonald,17, 2014 - officer sentenced to 6 years

Tamir Rice, 12, 2014 - no indictment, no charge

Walter Scott, 50, 2015 - officer sentenced to 20 years

Freddie Gray, 25, 2015 - no indictments, no charges

Jamar Clark, 24, 2015 - no indictments, no charges

Alton Sterling, 37, 2016 - no indictment, no charge

Philando Castile, 32, 2016 - no indictment, no charge

Stephon Clark, 23, 2018 - no indictments, no charges

Botham Jean, 26, 2018 - officer sentenced to 10 years

Breonna Taylor, 26, 2020 - wrongful death lawsuit pending

George Floyd, 46, 2020 - one officer charged with third-degree murder

In the past few decades there have been countless more racist murders and acts of injustice and inequality. They are not forgotten. They will never be forgotten.

Black Lives Matter.

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