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  • Where is my money going?
    All of your money will go towards my business; from helping with travel and accommodation costs to cover major events, to upgrading my equipment and buying the kit necessary for fast-paced, high level once-in-a-lifetime events. Sales will also go towards maintaining an Adobe subscription, which allows me to continue editing my photographs and publishing them in my portfolio, and a portion of sales will go towards maintaining this website. It will also help me establish continued independence, including living costs, home office, and more. At current, 2.5% of all profits received will be donated to Parkinson's UK, a charity that supports those suffering with Parkinson's disease and aims to seek a cure for where there is not one currently. This charity is very close to my family. A further 10% of all profits received will occasionally be donated to one of the charities supported by senior member(s) of the royal family, such as The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, or towards major world event charities, such as those following natural disasters or terror attacks, for a month at a time. Details of additional charities supported will be posted on social media and on the main landing page of this website.
  • Which payment methods do you accept?
    This online store supports PayPal and Credit/Visa transactions, as well as CoinPayments integration - if your preferred payment option is not available in the store, please contact me and I'll see what we can do! I am actively researching new payment methods to cater for all audiences, including other card types, apps like CashApp, and even crypto (likely an interface that automatically converts cryptocurrencies to GBP on the platform end) Our CoinPayments integration allows you to pay with cryptocurrencies, autoconverting it before it reaches to me as GBP £. This includes product payments as well as donations.
  • Are all your photographs your own?
    Yes! Every photograph available for purchase here is my own, taken by myself over the past few years. You can often follow my process as I build up towards a large event on my Twitter @BenjaminWareing.
  • Do you offer discounts?
    I occasionally offer gift cards, especially if a significant number of sales are made, so that this website is profitable and able to continue running! During significant moments, such as a birthday, landmark moment, or historic event I may also slip in a bonus discount!
  • I purchased a digital copy of one of your photographs. What can/can't I do with it?
    First of all, thank you ever so much for purchasing a digital version of one of my photographs. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed photographing it! With this digital version, you are granted a 'one-time' licence to use this photograph for a personal, non-commercial purpose. What does this mean? You can post the picture on social media, like that big Instagram account you run, or in a Tweet, you can show the picture to your friends and family, you can use it as a phone wallpaper or desktop screensaver, or any other personal use you can think of! You cannot use the photograph for commercial purposes, such as selling the images to other people, making prints of the photograph, or using it anywhere as a primary source of income (such as a YouTube video thumbnail where advertisements are enabled or an advertising billboard). You cannot claim or make suggestions that the photograph is your copyright - the digital sale only grants a one-time usage licence. Benjamin Wareing remains the sole copyright holder of all photographs within this website for sale.
  • I'm a business/ private client/ charity. Are you available to photograph events for me?
    I am! I am available to cover special VIP visits to your organisation or an event - always with discretion and absolute confidentiality - ranging from charity visits by a member of the Royal family, to a walkabout of businesses by a key politician or former Prime Minister. I also have experience photographing larger scale events, from Pride parades to city concerts, aftermaths of tragedy including vigils and council/ emergency response, and political debates. I have proven knowledge and experience in an incredibly wide range of events and briefings, so will be able to adapt to your needs to deliver the very best photography to capture your event in a way that will make those that couldn't attend feel like they were there, and instil nostalgia to those that were there. If you have an idea, contact me!
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